Janitorial Services – Putnam County, WV

Halstead Janitorial Helps Putnam County Workplaces Run Smoothly

Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. knows that Putnam County residents need all the time they can get to run their businesses. Save some time in Teays Valley and hire our janitorial services to help keep your facilities clean for everyone who uses it. Winfield Residents can rely on Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. to clean your business the way you want.

Services We Offer For Teays Valley in Putnam County, WV

Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. employees are knowledgeable and trained on different tasks. They are professionals who know how to use the right equipment and cleaning solutions to keep any facility looking great in Scott Depot, Hurricane, and Winfield. Whether it is general dusting or construction cleanup, we can do it all.

Here are some of the services we provide:

redcheckmarkVacuum the carpet, floors and stairs
redcheckmarkMop and disinfect hard floor surfaces
redcheckmarkGeneral dusting
redcheckmarkDust and wipe down baseboards
redcheckmarkClean the bathroom, including toilets, tubs, showers, sinks and countertops
redcheckmarkClean and shine mirrors
redcheckmarkClean window sills
redcheckmarkCommunicate with the customer
redcheckmarkOffer competitive pricing
redcheckmarkDisaster cleanup
redcheckmarkFloor waxing
redcheckmarkFloor stripping
redcheckmarkDebris hauling
redcheckmarkWindow cleaning
redcheckmarkPressure washing
redcheckmarkConstruction cleanup

redcheckmarkFixing electrical problems
redcheckmarkEquipment inspections
redcheckmarkPainting projects
redcheckmarkQuality assurance inspections
redcheckmarkLight construction
redcheckmarkGeneral laborers
redcheckmarkGeneral maintenance
redcheckmarkReplacing light fixtures
redcheckmarkCleaning up spills
redcheckmarkLawn mowing
redcheckmarkParking lot cleaning
redcheckmarkSnow and ice removal
redcheckmarkTrash removal

Any Size Task is Important in Winfield, WV

Winfield residents can trust that no surface will go unclean, and even the smallest task will be done. Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. even does tasks such as emptying trash receptacles, replacing garbage bags, cleaning windows and toilets, filling the paper towel dispenser in the restroom, and dusting window blinds. To have Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. assist your business with its cleaning chores in Teays Valley, Scott Depot, and Hurricane call us at (304) 546-7234.

Why Kanawha County Residents Should Hire Halstead Janitorial Services Inc.

Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. is a professional cleaning service from Pinch, WV, right in Kanawha County, just a few minutes from Charleston and South Charleston. Take advantage of hiring a great local business that offers the best in customer services and professional cleaning services. Without even traveling out of the county, residents of even Nitro, St Albans and Dunbar can find a professional cleaning service that gets the job done the right way, takes away your worries about cleaning, and has flexible scheduling.

Some duties that we have been required to do in regard to facility management include:




redcheckmarkScott Depot
redcheckmarkTeays Valley

Halstead Addresses Problems Swiftly And Directly

Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. takes responsibility seriously and works hard to avoid issues or problems. But when they do occur, they are addressed directly and promptly. We listen to the employer and employees, find a solution to the problem and make sure the solution works.

Word Spreads in West Virginia About Halstead Advantages

Word has spread throughout West Virginia about not only Halstead Janitorial Services Inc.’s thorough janitorial service, but also our professional facility management. Our clients are happy with our hard work, attention to detail, communication, friendly attitude and ability to spot a problem sometimes even before it arises. If you are ready to hire us, or if you have questions, give us a call at (304) 546-7234.