Janitorial Services – Kanawha County, WV

Halstead Janitorial Services Is Here For You in Kanawha County

Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. has been providing the best professional janitorial service in Kanawha County, WV, since the business began over 27 years ago in 1989. Our goal is to continue to grow and become an industry leader in the Charleston, WV, area. We have developed many connections with several commercial clients in Kanawha County who trust our reliable and affordable janitorial services.

Offering Great Customer Service For Various Industries and Businesses

At Halstead Janitorial Services Inc., we pride ourselves in the great customer service we offer our clients in areas such as South Charleston, WV. Because of our great communication with our clients, they know we can be trusted for great janitorial services. Various businesses and industries in Nitro, St Albans and Dunbar have used our services.

Some of the businesses and industries that we have serviced over the years include:

redcheckmarkCommercial offices
redcheckmarkMedical facility
redcheckmarkState and federal office
redcheckmarkIndustrial facility

redcheckmarkAutomotive industry
redcheckmarkCoal industry
redcheckmarkTrucking industry

We Strive to Keep Kanawha County, WV, Clean and Healthy

Charleston, WV, residents know that a clean business or office helps it look great to customers, but it also keeps those who use it healthy. Hire Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. to make sure any type of facility is kept clean and looking great.

Why Kanawha County Residents Should Hire Halstead Janitorial Services Inc.

Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. is a professional cleaning service from Pinch, WV, right in Kanawha County, just a few minutes from Charleston and South Charleston. Take advantage of hiring a great local business that offers the best in customer services and professional cleaning services. Without even traveling out of the county, residents of even Nitro, St Albans and Dunbar can find a professional cleaning service that gets the job done the right way, takes away your worries about cleaning, and has flexible scheduling.

Some duties that we have been required to do in regard to facility management include:


redcheckmarkSouth Charleston
redcheckmarkSt. Albans


redcheckmarkCedar Grove
redcheckmarkEast Bank

Halstead Addresses Problems Swiftly And Directly

Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. takes responsibility seriously and works hard to avoid issues or problems. But when they do occur, they are addressed directly and promptly. We listen to the employer and employees, find a solution to the problem and make sure the solution works.

Word Spreads in West Virginia About Halstead Advantages

Word has spread throughout West Virginia about not only Halstead Janitorial Services Inc.’s thorough janitorial service, but also our professional facility management. Our clients are happy with our hard work, attention to detail, communication, friendly attitude and ability to spot a problem sometimes even before it arises. If you are ready to hire us, or if you have questions, give us a call at (304) 546-7234.