Want To Work For Halstead Janitorial? Let Us Know

Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. is always looking for potential employees to fill our ranks who are willing to work hard, perform a variety of janitorial tasks and represent the company in a professional way. If you are looking to join our team and meet these standards, then you should give us a call at (304) 546-7234 or fill out the form below. Some of the qualifications for the job include:

  • Valid drivers license
  • Janitorial employment history
  • Clean background check
  • Evening hours availability
  • Can carry out orders
  • Work independently

Please fill out the job application form if you are interested in working for Halstead Janitorial Services Inc.

Janitorial facility management requires a broad range of duties, but Halstead Janitorial Services Inc. has been called upon to do many of them. We make sure everything is running smoothly inside and outside of the building and communicate with management and employees about their janitorial needs.

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